PCB/Card Repair

When a PCB fails, a new one is often required. Usually they're expensive or worse still – obsolete. The machine is rendered useless if a replacement PCB is not available. There is, however, the possibility that the board can be repaired. Boards that have become obsolete may contain components still available today. Provided the components are identifiable, there is a very good chance for repair.

PCB repairs down to component level are carried out using the state of the art diagnostic, soldering and inspection systems. Using the latest techniques damaged PCB tracks and through - plated holes can be remade by our experts allowing even the most damaged circuit boards to function again

Using failure pattern analysis, our technicians are able to notify clients of any failure trends and if requested, replace "at risk components" as part of the standard repair package. We consult our clients on final test procedures, packaging and shipping requirements as part of the repair acceptance procedure.

If you are spending a fortune on replacement PCBs or discover that the board is obsolete, it’s high time you seek our assistance. Often, it is more economical to replace the faulty parts than to replace the entire board. You wouldn't replace your car every time a headlamp failed!