Testing and Training

Battery Testing

Why test battery systems. There are three main reasons to test battery systems:
  • To ensure the supported equipment is adequately backed up
  • To prevent unexpected failures by tracking the battery’s health
  • To forewarn/predict expiry of battery life

 There are three basic questions that battery users ask:
  • What are the capacity and the condition of the battery now?
  • When will it need to be replaced?
  • What can be done to prolong it’s life?

Batteries are complex chemical mechanisms. They have numerous components from grids, active material, posts, jar and cover, etc. – any one of which can fail. As with all manufacturing processes, no matter how good they are, there is still some amount of black art to batteries (and all chemical processes)

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PAT Testing (Portable Appliance Testing)

As one of the pioneer companies in Singapore to provide PAT Testing and risk management services, we are immensely proud of the exclusive service that we are providing. We offer an efficient, reliable and professional service to a wide range of public sector organizations and private businesses. We have the backing of the nation’s largest facilities services company who trust us to provide an independent service across their clientele base.

You can be confident that our electrical safety/fixed wire testing contains no hidden charges and we will provide you with a clear and concise pricing structure.

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Insulation Testing

Dynamics Circuit has a selection of 5 and 10 kV Insulation Testers to fit your application. Whether you are a electrician, maintenance engineer or a repair technician, our quality insulation resistance testers are able to provide superior flexibility, versatility and capability beyond your expectations!

The 5 and 10-kV Megohmmeters are high-voltage, line operated instruments that can be used on all types of insulation tests ranging from 50

Dynamic0 volts to 10 kV.


Circuit Board Testings

Dynamics Circuit (S) Pte. Ltd have coloborated with ProTarGe with amazingly Inteligent Circuit Board Tester to help trouble shooting for technicians and Engineers much more simpler and user friendly method.

FADOSF71 - Fault Detector - With Seven Unique Testing Features http://www.protarge.com/circuit_board_tester.htm

FADOSF91 - Fault Detector - With Seven Unique Testing Features http://www.protarge.com/FADOS9F1.htm



TK-2 Flying Probe Troubleshooting System

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Electronics Repair Training – In Collaboration with ITE AMK

Conducting Short Courses Programme
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